Toy Cleaning

Toy Cleaning

All toys are so much more appealing if they are clean and no one likes to borrow a dirty toy. You may be asked to re-borrow a toy if it is deemed to be unsatisfactory. Please read this carefully and clean all borrowed items thoroughly before returning them. Many parents do this the night before the Toy Library and put the toys away from the children. Thank you for your co-operation!

Recommended cleaning kit

  • Cleaning product which removes grease (such as “Spray & Wipe”)
  • Sponge cloth
  • Old toothbrush
  • Tea towel
  • Satay sticks or toothpicks with cotton wool (to make a very fine cotton bud as commercial ones are too thick)

Recommended techniques

  • First, if it is appropriate, wash the toy in hot soapy water, using a toothbrush to help
  • Rinse and dry the toy with a tea towel
  • Straight away, while the grooves and edges are still damp, use your satay stick with the cotton wool on it to go around all of the edges, grooves, nooks and crannies to remove all of the dirt
  • Re-mark toys with permanent markers If any of the code numbers are unclear
  • Bags may also require a wash if they ale not clean
  • Make sure the toy and bag are properly dry before re-bagging.
  • Now that the toy is perfectly clean… hide it!

Special cleaning tips

  • If your child has been sick, please wipe the toy over with disinfectant prior to returning
  • Do not immerse baby rattles and other such toys that may fill with water
  • Do not soak wooden toys in water
  • After washing Duplo, you may need to leave it to dry overnight on a tea towel.
  • Bath and outdoor toys require more cleaning, not less

Please help us with our packaging by:

  • Packing small pieces in the snap-lock bags provided. Using elastic bands to contain similar items (like railway tracks). Completing puzzles and securing their pieces (using the pantyhose provided). Securing bagged pieces to large toys when appropriate
  • Alerting Group Leaders to plastic bags which may be deteriorating, or labels which need attention.