FREE MEMBERSHIP!!! For children under 1 year old, we are offering 6 months of free membership. Please visit the library during opening hours to enrol for the same… The free membership on offer is the “Family 4 Toys + 1 Puzzle” membership and members will still need to pay the refundable bond and complete the duty obligations as per Membership Terms.

How to join?

Becoming a member of the toy library is very easy. Just come in to the library during opening hours with cash or cheque and ask a Group Leader. You can save time by downloading the Member Registration Form and filling it in before you visit the library.

Why join?

Joining a toy library has lots of benefits. You save money by borrowing rather than buying toys. You get to meet other families in your local area. Your kids get to try out lots of different toys, including educational games.

 Who can join?

Anyone who has children or cares for children. You can be a parent, a grandparent, an uncle or aunt, a family day care provider, a playgroup, etc … Each membership is treated as either a family membership or a group membership. This means that either parent or grandparent can borrow for the one membership fee.

 Membership Fees

To keep membership fees as low as possible, all members need to:
  • Volunteer at 4 “duty” sessions a year (1 hour per session)
  • Help out at our annual stocktake or fundraising (2-3 hours)
Members can choose from the following annual memberships :
  • Family (Annual) 4 Toys + 1 Puzzle – $60^ plus $50 bond *^
  • Family (Annual) 6 Toys + 1 Puzzle – $75^ plus $50 bond *^
  • Group (Annual) 8 Toys + 1 Puzzle – $100 plus $50 bond * (This membership is for Family Day Cares, Creche and Playgroups)
  • Trial/vacation membership (3 months) 4 toys plus 1 puzzle/game – $30 plus $50 bond
* There is a $50 refundable bond with this membership. The bond will be forfeited if the member has not completed required duties during the year (4 duty sessions + 1 stocktake/fundraising).
^ For Seniors and Health Card Concession holders a $10 reduction of annual fees is available.
Membership fees include insurance coverage and are liable to change.