How much does it cost to borrow?

Members can choose from the following annual memberships:
  • Family 4 Toy + 1 puzzle/game – $60*
  • Family 6 Toy + 1 puzzle/game – $75*
  • Group 8 Toy + 1 puzzle/game – $100 (This membership is for Family Day Carers, Creche and Playgroups)
*For Seniors and Health Card Concession holders a $10 reduction of annual fees is available. Membership fees include insurance coverage and are liable to change.  

Duty Bond
There is a refundable bond payable at the start of membership and during renewals. The bond is $50 and this bond is returned to you when you complete a minimum number of duty sessions and return all your toys in a good working condition.  The Toy Library can not stay open for your children without your help.  There are no paid staff we are all parents who volunteer so our children can learn, play and have fun with a large range of toys.  Please sign up regularly to help out during our opening hours, fundraising/publicity events, committee roles and/or our annual stock-take.  See Membership Terms and Conditions for more information on your duty obligations.

How many toys can I borrow?

It depends on what membership type you decide to take out. Family 4 Toy + 1 puzzle/game allows you to borrow any 4 toys and the 5th toy must be a puzzle or game. Family 6 Toy + 1 Puzzle/game means you can have 6 toys and the 7th toy must be a puzzle or game. For Group 8 Toy + 1 puzzle/game you get up to 8 toys plus 1 puzzle/game at a time. Every time you do duty you get to borrow an extra toy. Yay!

How long can I borrow the toys?

The normal loan period is for two weeks at a time. But you can have items for longer by renewing and you can also borrow and return weekly if you prefer. Please note for the benefit of all members you can only re borrow toys 2 times for a maximum of 6 weeks. Of course you can borrow the toy again later in the year.

Can I renew the toys I have borrowed?

Yes, the toys can be renewed twice for a period of 2 weeks each. After 2 renewals, toys cannot be renewed and member must return them, so that other members can enjoy the toy as well.

You can renew toys by using one of the following options
  • Login to BH@TL Connect and renew your loans. Please Contact Us if you do not have your login details.
  • Completing our renewal request form.
  • Visiting the library during an open session and requesting the Session Coordinator on duty to renew the toy(s).

What happens if a toy I borrowed has a missing or broken piece?

Please always check to ensure that each toy you borrow is complete and not broken. If you find that you have borrowed a toy with a missing or broken part, please complete the lost or broken toy form or phone the Toy Library on 0479 152 419 by the Wednesday of the week that you borrowed the toy. Otherwise you may be held liable for the repair or replacement of the toy.

What happens if I have lost or broken a toy?

If you have lost a piece of a toy, you will be asked to re-borrow the toy in an effort to locate the piece. If after that time the piece is still not found, you will be charged a small fine which can be refunded upon the return of the piece. If the toy was in good condition and the breakage due to misuse, a fine will be charged. Fines for lost or broken toys are:
  • $2 per small piece
  • $5 per large piece
  • $10 for a major piece which makes the toy unusable.
  • In some circumstances you may be asked to pay for the replacement cost of the toy.

What if the toy needs new batteries?

Many of our battery-operated toys appear to need fresh batteries. We cannot know this unless members tell us! There is a container of new batteries and screwdrivers at the toy library. If you know that the toy you are returning requires new batteries, please allow an extra minute or two to replace them yourself with the ones we provide. You can then check the toy in and continue with your borrowing.

I can no longer return toys during the opening hours. What do I do?

Contact the Toy Library by either phone 0479 152 419 or email and we will arrange for you to either return the toys to a committee member or for a committee member to collect the toys from you.