Party Pack

Box Hill Area Toy Library has terrific party pack options for your next children’s birthday party, family function or social gathering.
We have three party pack options:
  • Original
  • Fantasy
  • Tables/chairs – including novelty cake tins and two junior trestle tables with 12 junior chairs (suitable for children only)
Our party packs are a fun and affordable way to have a party to remember.
The cost is $30 per pack for members of Box Hill Area Toy Library, and $40 per pack for non-members. All borrowers pay a $150 bond, refundable after all items are returned cleaned and undamaged.
Party packs are stored at the toy library and can be collected when convenient, including outside of borrowing hours. Please note, some items are quite large so a station wagon, SUV with folded down back seats, or a trailer may be useful for transport.
To book the party pack, please email Emails must include the name of the borrower, whether you are a current Box Hill Area Toy Library member, which party pack you would like to book, dates of booking and a contact number. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to check availability before making a booking.

Original party pack

This party pack suits children 1-4 years old. It is ideal for an outside space, but can be used in a large indoor space. Includes:
  • 2 roller coasters
  • 2 red Cosy Coupe cars
  • 1 slide
  • 1 see-saw
  • Set stepping stones
  • 1 parachute

Fantasy party pack

This party pack suits children 3-6 years old. It is ideal for an indoor space but could be used in a clean outdoor space, for example, a large deck or paving area. Please do not use this party pack in a muddy or dirty space. Includes:
  • 10 fairy crowns, wings and wands
  • 10 dragon, knight and wizard capes
  • 2 tea sets
  • 10 giant bubble wands
  • Hobby Horses and Happy Hoppers
  • 2 sets of Kick Bricks
  • Book of fantasy-themed party games and bubble mixture recipe

Party accessories pack

This pack can be borrowed separately or in conjunction with other packs. Includes:
  • 2 child-sized trestles
  • 12 child-sized chairs
  • Novelty cake tins
Party Pack hire terms and conditions
Pick-up and returns
All Party Pack items are stored at the toy library and must be picked up and returned from there. Details of pick up and return will be provided by party pack coordinator when bookings are made. Bookings are from Thursday to Wednesday, however you may be asked to return items sooner if they are required for another booking. The Party Pack can be picked up and dropped off 24 hours a day.
Keep it safe
Adult supervision is required to ensure proper use of all arty pack items at all times. Make sure toys and games provided are appropriate for the age of the child. Use the Party Pack items in a clean indoor or outdoor area. If items are damaged, stained or broken, the bond will not be returned. Please report any damage or soiling to the party pack coordinator via email immediately after returning items. Bonds will be returned at the discretion of the Box Hill Area Toy Library committee.
Ensure all items are cleaned thoroughly before they are returned to Toy Library. Please use detergent, such as Spray and Wipe, on tables and chairs. Please wipe down all toys with a wet cloth and detergent where necessary. Costumes and hobby horses must be spot cleaned it dirty, please do not machine wash. If items are returned dirty, the bond will not be returned. Bonds will be returned at the discretion of the Box Hill Area Toy Library committee.

Party Pack Booking

Please check availability on the calendar below, before sending your enquiry:
Book your party pack by sending your request using the form below OR contact us by email on We will respond to your enquiry in 1-2 days, however in case of urgency, you may contact us on 0479 152 419.

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